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IV Treatments

Our Services




500 mL normal saline $90 or lactated Ringer's $100


1 Liter normal saline $150  or lactated Ringer's $160




Menu A


Cold and Flu $ 275

Myers Cocktail $235

Morning Sickness $195

Fatigue $235

Radiant Beauty $255

Food Poisoning $295

Recovery  $315


Menu B

Hangover Relief  $255

Sunburn Relief  $295

Weight Loss  $275


Her Needs $279

Immunity $255

Migraine/Headache $295

These can be added to any treatment or given alone

Glutathione $65

Toradol $25

Vitamin-C $25

Vitamin B12 $25

Pepcid $15

Zinc $25

B complex $35

Vitamin D $40

Taurine $30

Lipo-MIC $30

Biotin $30

Magnesium $25

Anti Nausea Medication IV $35 or Sublingually $25

Tri Immune Complex $35

Testosterone Injection $35

Jesssica Bates, RN, MSN, FNP-C, Owner

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Jessica Bates-Shorts, RN,MSN FNP-C has been a licensed Nurse Practitioner in the State of California since 2016. Jessica Bates-Shorts is Board Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner by The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners as of September 20, 2016. Jessica Bates-Shorts attended College of the Desert graduated 2010 with an AA in Nursing, She graduated CSUSB June 2013 with a B.S. in Nursing. She completed a Master’s of Science - Family Nurse Practitioner program at Loma Linda University in June of 2016.

“I have over 25 years of hospital and health care experience. I have worked in a variety of positions and settings. I started off as a Nursing assistant in 1997 and continued my education. I worked as a Registered Nurse on a medical/surgical floor from 2010-2017, two of those years as Charge Nurse. Once I completed the Nurse Practitioner Program I continued to work as an RN to maintain my bedside skills. I have worked as a Nurse Practitioner since September 2016. I have experience in Pain Management, Sub Acute Care, Family Practice, Urology and Pre-Anesthesia. I have worked for the local hospital in a variety of positions over the past 25 years.

“I became very passionate about health screening and education, when my father had a stroke in 2009. In the ER I was told he was in heart and kidney failure. His heart was the size of a football and he would need to start dialysis. This was such life altering news, he had never missed a day of work. He did not have health insurance and he believed as long as he felt good and he could work that he was fine. I vowed to help others in any way that I could. I volunteered my time at a local free clinic and I also provided education and health screening in my parish. My focus is providing a holistic approach to health and wellness, working with my patients to focus on health promotion, prevention of disease and health education. I am very passionate about improving patients' overall health using a variety of modalities – health education, nutrition supplementation and IV infusions.”


You are family here.

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